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About The Canine School

We are committed to using the kindest, most effective training methods. We are committed to force-free training. Gone are the days of using pain, fear, punitive coercion, and aversives to get the results that you want.

We work to stay up-to-date with our knowledge and skills so that we can bring the latest effective, humane, science-based approaches when working with you and your dog. We aim to help you create a strong bond with your dog based on mutual trust and cooperation.

Meet Our Instructors + Our Dogs!

Chantal Mills, BEd., CSAT, FFCP, LLA Graduate 2022

Owner + Head Trainer

Thanks to her 20+ years of experience in the world of education, as an elementary, intermediate and high school teacher, Guidance Counsellor and Vice-Principal, Chantal is at ease working with the most important end of the leash. She has a passion for teaching!

Chantal is a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT), certified and mentored by Malena DeMartini, the world’s leading expert on separation anxiety. She is a Fear Free® Certified Trainer (FFCP Trainer), a graduate of LLA (Living & Learning with Animals), a member of the Canadian Association of Pet Dog Trainers (CAPDT), a member of the American Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and a member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG – the Association for Force-Free Pet Professionals).

She regularly attends conferences, workshops, seminars and webinars to keep up to date with the latest in the industry.
Chantal’s family includes Bug, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Chantal est bilingue et serait ravie de vous aider en français.

Maëva Leblanc


Born in the North-eastern part of France, Maëva settled in Canada in 2014 to start her career in project managing and event planning, which is a real asset in intrapersonal relations and organizing!
After years of volunteering at rescue shelters and being involved in pet sitting, a real passion for dogs grew. She started discovering canine behavior, positive reinforcement, how they learn and how to make their experience the best possible! In addition to volunteering and fostering, Maëva is an adoption coach for a local rescue in Ottawa.

In Maëva’s life, three dogs made a huge difference : Coco, Nitro and Hugo! Beautiful Coco, Maëva’s first dog as an adult, was rescued during his last years. From then on, a passionate love flourished! Nitro was the “challenging” dog: an anxious filled dog that was welcomed to her home for a few months e was the dog that pushed her to go further into her canine education.

And Hugo ? Hugo is the dog in the pictures, her companion on this journey. He is the dog in all the videos and homework for the certifications and classes she took.

We can’t wait to meet you!


Originaire du nord-est de la France et bretonne dans l’âme, Maëva s’est installée au Canada en 2014 pour commencer sa carrière en événementiel et gestion de projets, un atout dans les relations interpersonnelles ainsi qu’en termes d’organisation !

Après plusieurs années de bénévolat avec des refuges et garde d’animaux, passionnée, elle se lance dans la découverte du comportement canin, l’éducation positive, leur manière d’apprendre, comment les aider et surtout, rendre leur expérience la plus agréable possible. Maëva est bénévole, famille d’accueil et coach d’adoption dans une association à Ottawa.

Dans la vie de Maëva, trois chiens ont fait une grande différence : Coco, Nitro et Hugo ! Beau Coco, son premier chien d’adulte récupéré dans ses dernières années de vie. Et l’amour passionné pour les chiens a commencé ! Nitro a été le chien “challenge” : un chien accueilli pour plusieurs mois avec beaucoup d’anxiété et le chien qui l’a poussé à aller plus loin dans son éducation canine.

Et Hugo ? Hugo est le chien sur les photos, le chien qui accompagne son parcours. Le chien qui est dans toutes les vidéos et devoirs des certifications obtenues et cours suivis.

Au plaisir de se rencontrer !

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