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We are offering a selection of in person classes AND a selection of online classes. We are offering private training at the school, in your backyard, and remotely via Zoom. Masks must be worn when in the facility. We appreciate your patience as our in-person office hours remain greatly reduced. The best way to contact us remains via email. THANK YOU for choosing us for your training needs.

Group Classes

Group classes for puppies and adult dogs, whether you want to socialize your puppy or teach your adult dog good manners.

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Private Training

Our trainers will coach you on how to train your dog - at your home, at our school or via remote consultation.

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Doggy Homeschool

Our trainers will train your dog in the comfort of your own home without you present.

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Dog Trainer Program

Want to take your training to the next level? Make your dream of working with dogs come true.

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Puppy Playdates

Puppy playdates for dogs under the age of 34 weeks old!

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Seminars and Workshops

Fun and educational events with or without your dogs.

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Summer Camp

A fun and an educational day camp for kids and dogs.

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What Our Client Say

Here is what some of our clients say about their experience with the Ottawa Canine School

Christina & Whisky

Our son LOVED everything about Summer Camp for Kids & Dogs, from making dog treats to dog toys and the paw prints. He was so excited every day to go to camp, rushing me when we were stuck in traffic because he didn't want to be late. Chantal was accommodating to our son's needs; she was very aware when Willem was fixating on certain things and she was flexible and helped him work through it. I was very impressed that you brought in a professional to work on the dog paw prints with the kids. Thank you for running such an amazing program!

Christina, Aug 2016

Marie & Jaxon

I loved the positive approach and wish I had known about your establishment for my last dog. Anne-Marie is great and a wealth of information about dog behaviour.

Marie & Jaxon, 2018

Tricia & Dario

We enjoyed coming to class every week, and have continued to work on skills with Dario that needed work in class. We can't wait for Agility 2 next winter! | Fumie is very patient and explains each skill and command very thoroughly. The homework was always beneficial and easy to follow. An added bonus was the skills that we learned to keep our active dog busy at home, and tire him out even when he can't get out for a walk or run. |

Tricia & Dario, 2018


Excellent mix of practical tips and class exercises which now allow me to use a variety of skills to prevent reactivity. Angie was absolutely fantastic. Very knowledgeable and able to apply different objectives based on each dogs needs.

Jessica, 2018


The content of the class was right what we needed. The basics were well presented and the extra steps were very useful for when the commands were mastered. This class was our second one with Anne-Marie and we were not disappointed. She is patient and very helpful in her training. We enjoyed having her as a trainer again

Karine, 2018

Emily & Noodle

Noodle and I absolutely love training here! It's better than anywhere else that we have tried. Noodle is an anxious and reactive dog who is also very friendly and loving. Here he was able to learn how to react better to what causes him anxiety, and I was better able to help him cope and recognize the signs that he was going to become reactive. We also appreciate that when taking Good Manners, or Agility, or other classes, the instructors are giving tips and tricks about things like resource guarding, reactivity, etc. which creates a really well-rounded class! Both of our lives have significantly improved since we found Ottawa K9 School.

Emily & Noodle, 2018

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