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You will learn to teach your dog new skills, using the kindest and most effective techniques. We will work alongside you to help you achieve lasting behaviour change.

Whether you’re training a young dog, an adopted dog, or a senior dog, you need expert guidance. You can count on The Canine School to use kind, science-based and innovative solutions.

A wonderful group of incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, flexible and fun instructors. There is absolutely a class for you and your dog here. No matter your skill level or goals. Claire S.

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From puppy kindergarten to dealing with behavioural issues and separation anxiety, The Canine School has a solution for you and your furry companion.

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Not sure if our programs are right for you? Hear from happy clients.

Noodle and I absolutely love training here! It’s better than anywhere else that we have tried. Noodle is an anxious and reactive dog who is also very friendly and loving. Here he was able to learn how to react better to what causes him anxiety, and I was better able to help him cope and recognize the signs that he was going to become reactive. We also appreciate that when taking Good Manners, or Agility, or other classes, the instructors are giving tips and tricks about things like resource guarding, reactivity, etc. which creates a really well-rounded class! Both of our lives have significantly improved since we found Ottawa K9 School.

– Emily + Noodle

Excellent mix of practical tips and class exercises which now allow me to use a variety of skills to prevent reactivity. Angie was absolutely fantastic. Very knowledgeable and able to apply different objectives based on each dogs needs.

– Marie + Jackson

We have taken our puppy here and they are fantastic. They use a positive training approach that worked well for our boy.

Highly recommend their puppy kindergarten classes as it got our puppy socialized and accustomed to all sorts of new and novel things and made it easier for him to adapt to new surroundings.

– Tanya

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