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Intro to agility and scent

Curious to see if your dog could be an agility star or a Canine Nosework star? Come and see what agility and canine nosework are all about in a fun 2-in-1 intro class!

Intro to Do As I Do

Teach your dog a few tricks, then see if he or she can copy you!  Teach your dog to ‘Do As I Do’ and see all the tricks you can come up with!

Intro to Rally Obedience

Looking for a fun way to practice obedience with your dog? Try Rally  Obedience! You and your dog must do a behaviour at each station to keep as many points as possible.

Intro to tricks

Wondering if your dog could be a trick dog? Join us to see what trick training is all about and learn some fun tricks to impress your friends and family!

Intro to Treibball

Check out this the sport of Treibball, or ‘big ball herding’, where dogs learn to push big balls through goalposts (much like soccer).

Games to play with your dogs

This workshop will give you ideas for healthy, safe, and stimulating games to play with your dog. Playing games can burn off a whole lot of energy and can help you bond with your dog.

Make your own dog toys

Make your own dog toys! This workshop will show you how to make creative tug toys for your dog – and you will be taking home the toys you make.

We provide all the materials and information you will need. You bring the creativity.

Make your own dog treats

A fun treat making party! Learn new recipes for dog cookies and kong stuffers. Ingredients provided. Fun for folks of all ages!

Make your own snuffle mat

A fun snuffle mat making party! A snuffle mat is an interactive feeding toy that encourages your dog to use his or her nose to forage for food. Snuffle mats are great for all dogs because it allows your dog to use his or her nose and mind!

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