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Do As I Do

Pre-requisite: This class is for social dogs that can focus on you while being off leash in our training hall. Dogs also need 3 skills or tricks such as: sit, down, stand, paw, bow, rollover, spin, backup – anything goes as long as you can do it too! Your dog must not exhibit fearful or reactive behaviours towards people and dogs. Reactive Rover graduates with your instructor’s approval are welcome. If you are unsure if your dog would be a good fit for this class, check out our popular Reactive Rover class or contact us with your questions.

Age Requirements: At least 6 months old

Course Length: 4 lessons (4 consecutive weeks; 1 hour each lesson)

Price: $100 + HST for 4 lessons

Max. Class Size: 5 dogs

Vaccination Requirements: Up-to-date in required vaccines (titer test results accepted).

Ever wonder if your dog can imitate what he or she sees? Can your dog learn something by watching another dog or person perform the same action? Now you can teach your dog to be a COPYCAT.

The science of social learning is getting more recognition through scientific research and the dog training world. There is a natural tendency for dogs to imitate us since they are social creatures as we are. If you think about them digging in the back yard after you did some yard work, or attempting to unlatch the back gate. Usually, we find these talents rather bothersome, so we suppress our dog’s initiative to imitate us, but what if we could harness this enthusiasm, and put it to good use by putting it on cue?

This class will teach you the basics of how to train your dog to imitate you using cues your dog already knows. From there, you will be able to tell them to DO IT! for new behaviours they’ve never learned before, all just by watching you! It is a great and fun addition to your usual training technique and will enable your dog to learn some very complex skills.

What to bring to class:

  • Plenty of small training treats that your dog loves
  • A regular 6-foot leash (non-retractable)
  • A dog training food reward pouch, bag, or holder so that you can retrieve your food reward easily
  • A regular collar or harness
  • Indoor shoes (for the humans) if it is wet or mucky out

Please visit our Group Class Policy

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