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Specialty Courses

We offers classes for you to have more fun with your dog!

Do As I Do

Rally Obedience


Tricky Dog

Nosey Dog Scent Detection

And more!

These specialty courses will keep you and your dog busy with fun PHYSICAL and MENTAL challenges, as well as improve your training skills and relationship with your dog.


“Noodle and I absolutely love training here! It’s better than anywhere else that we have tried. Noodle is an anxious and reactive dog who is also very friendly and loving. Here he was able to learn how to react better to what causes him anxiety, and I was better able to help him cope and recognize the signs that he was going to become reactive. We also appreciate that when taking Good Manners, or Agility, or other classes, the instructors are giving tips and tricks about things like resource guarding, reactivity, etc. which creates a really well-rounded class! Both of our lives have significantly improved since we found Ottawa K9 School.” – Emily & Noodle (Reactive Rover graduate)

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