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Summer Camp Registration

Please fill out the form below to finalize your Summer Camp registration. If you would like to purchase Before and After Camp Care, please select the option(s) below and we will send you an invoice to confirm your purchase. Thank you!

By hitting “Send” in the Summer Camp Registration, you are agreeing to the Summer Camp terms and conditions.

Human Participant Information

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Canine Participant Information

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Camp Information

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Session 1: July 2nd to 5th 4-day camp (returning camper - 10 years old and older)Session 2: July 8th to 12th 5-day camp (10 to 13 years old)Session 3: July 15th to 19th 5-day camp (9 to 12 years old)Session 4: July 22nd to 26th 5-day camp (13 years old and olderSession 5: July 29th to August 2nd 5-day camp (returning camper - 10 years old and older)Session 6: August 6th to 9th 4-day camp (9 years and older)

Before and After Camp Care

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We will send you an invoice to confirm your Before and After Camp Care purchase ($15 + HST per day).

Meet and Greet

When are your child and dog available for a screening session/meet and greet? (required)

I am a retuning camper and will attend Summer Camp with the same dog (no need for a meet and greet).Mondays - 10am to 2pmMondays - 2pm to 5.30pmMondays - After 5.30pmTuesdays - 10am to 2pmTuesdays - 2pm to 5.30pmTuesdays - After 5.30pmWednesdays - 10am to 2pmWednesdays - 2pm to 5.30pmWednesdays - After 5.30pmThursdays - 10am to 2pmThursdays - 2pm to 5.30pmThursdays - After 5.30pmFridays - 10am to 2pmFridays - 2pm to 5.30pmFridays - After 5.30pmSaturdays - 10am to 2pmSaturdays - 2pm to 5.30pmSaturdays - After 5.30pmSundays - 10am to 2pmSundays - 2pm to 5.30pmSundays - After 5.30pm

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