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Playdates & Seminars

Looking for a great place to hang out with your dog on a Friday or Saturday evening? Check out the Ottawa Canine School’s Fun Friday and Super Saturday Playdates, workshops, seminars and Intro classes!

Our Playdates and Seminars are all held indoors, at the Ottawa Canine School at 425 St-Laurent Blvd.

Because we limit the size of the groups for all of our Fun Friday and Super Saturday events, REGISTRATION IN ADVANCE IS MANDATORY. We would hate it if you had to leave disappointed, so don’t forget to RSVP!


Let your dog enjoy some supervised group playtime in a safe and clean environment! Please note that the playdates are NOT for dogs that “need socialization”.  If your dog is exceedingly shy, bringing him or her to a playdate may be too overwhelming. If your dog is aggressive or very fearful around others, this is not the place for him.

To attend our playdates, dogs must be:

  • friendly and well-socialized
  • 4 months or older and up to date with the required vaccinations (We accept titer results)
  • spayed or neutered for dogs 8 months and older – we cannot accept intact dogs over the age of 8 months

Playdates run for 60 minutes and $10 per dog.  The playgroups are categorized by weight as follows:

  • Teeny Tiny Dog  – for dogs up to 8 lbs
  • Very Small Dog – for dogs up to 15 lbs
  • Small Dog  – for dogs up to 30 lbs
  • Med/Large Dog  – for dogs above 30 lbs

If you would like a more narrow sized group (i.e. Mini dogs, under 5 lbs), please email us and we will schedule events when there is sufficient interest.




The following seminars and workshops may be made available if there is interest – email us to be put on the waiting list! INTRO TO AGILITY AND OTHER FUN SPORTS No dog is too small, too big, too young or too old for these activities. At each of the these hour-long seminars, we will introduce you to two dogs sports to see which might be your dog’s favorite!  On the menu:

  • Intro to Agility – Curious to see if your dog could be an agility star? Come and see what Agility is all about in this fun Intro class.
  • Intro to Scent  – If your dog has a nose, they will love discovering how to use it to find the hidden scent in the nosework portion of the evening.
  • Intro to Do As I Do – Teach your dog a few tricks, then see if he can copy you!  Teach your dog to ‘Do As I Do’ and see all the tricks you can come up with! Click here to see a video of what dogs can do just by copying
  • Intro to Treibball – Check out this the sport of Treibball, or ‘big ball herding’, where dogs learn to push big balls through goalposts (much like soccer).  Click here to see a demo of what Treibball dogs can do.
  • Intro to Canine Freestyle – Come dance with your dog! A bit of tricks and not-too-fancy footwork and you’re well on your way to dancing with your dog!  Click here for a glimpse at what can be accomplished.

These events are an INTRO class, a teaser, to introduce your dog to of the sports we teach here at the Ottawa Canine School.

SEMINAR ON SEPARATION ANXIETY Do you have a velcro dog? Do you suspect that your dog has separation anxiety? Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety are really suffering. Imagine the panic a dog must be feeling to eat through the wall, door frame, or even break their teeth trying to get out of the crate. The owner of a dog with separation anxiety is also suffering. They often feel trapped in their home and do not have the freedom to just step out to do groceries, go for a bike ride, let alone leave for a full day of work! Imagine how challenging it can be to accept a simple invitation out for coffee if you can’t leave your dog alone at home. If you’re looking for help with your dog, we can help. You must know that it will probably cost less than you think. It will “cost you” time and patience but the results can be so rewarding. Chantal Mills, owner and head trainer of the Ottawa Canine School will share winning strategies and best practices with dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

RESOURCE GUARDING Are you living with a dog who guards resources? A resource guarder can guard food, people, objects, places and spaces. This workshop will offer you an opportunity to learn more about resource guarding. It will also offer you basic exercises to mediate the problem. Management, training, resources will all be discussed. A short Q & A will follow, time permitting.

MAKE YOUR OWN DOG TOYS Make your own dog toys! This workshop will show you how to make creative tug toys for your dog – and you’ll be taking home the toys you make. We provide all the materials and information you will need. You bring the creativity.

GAMES TO PLAY WITH YOUR DOG This workshop will give you ideas for healthy, safe, and stimulating games to play with you dog. Playing games can burn off a whole lot of energy, especially for dogs that need something more stimulating than a jog around the neighbourhood. Playing is also commonly recognized as a great way to bond with your dog too – but did you also know that games are fantastic as training tools? Come and learn more at our workshop. Please leave your dogs at home for this one!

MAKE YOUR OWN DOG TREATS!  A fun treat making party! Learn new recipes for dog cookies, and kong stuffers. Ingredients provided. Fun for folks of all ages! (please leave dog at home)  $15 payable at the door

Email us at  info@ottawak9school.com to be put on the waiting list for the next seminar or to suggest new topics.

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