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Doggy Daycare

We are not accepting new applications at this time.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


Between 7:00 am and 5:40 pm, Monday to Friday.  All dogs must be pre-screened prior to joining the daycare.

What does your dog do all day?

Your dog spends its day playing with other dogs in pre-screened groups, playing training games with a trainer, fetching a ball or playing with other toys, getting lots of cuddles from the dog trainers and trained pet sitters, just to name a few of the activities. At lunchtime, your dog will enjoy a restorative nap before the fun begins all over again.

The dogs just love the flooring made of recycled tires as it is more gentle on their paws, bones and joints. We have air flow cots that the dogs can choose to sleep on when they need a rest. The cots are so comfortable that quite often the dogs will snuggle up and share one. Other dogs prefer to nap alone and will rest in a crate, on a lap or in a quiet spot.

OCS Doggy Daycare Policy

Age: All dogs must be at least 16 weeks (4 months) or older to attend daycare.

Vaccinations: Owners must provide proof of up-to-date vaccination, including rabies and distemper/parvo. We recommend, but do not require, the bordetella vaccine. We also accept titer testing as a way to prove your dog’s immunity.

Health: All dogs must be healthy, with no communicable illness, to attend daycare.

Intact Dogs: We cannot accept intact dogs over the age of 8 months. Dogs 8 months and older will need to be spayed or neutered to attend daycare.

 Owners must certify that their dogs are non-aggressive towards humans and other dogs. We prescreen all potential new dogs to make sure they are suitable for doggy daycare.

Days and Hours:   7:00 AM- 5:40 PM*, Monday to Friday. (*Late charge of $2 per minute applies for pickup after 5:40 PM.)

Reservations: RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE; likewise, notice of reservation cancellation must be received no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. Daycare package will be charged if proper notice is not received.

Nail Trimming

We offer nail trimming to our daycare guests. No need to wait around at the groomer’s or schedule a pricey appointment with a vet tech. Because your dog will be spending several hours with us, we are able to offer them breaks to play with their friends if they become stressed out by nail trims, and can complete them slowly over a number of sessions throughout the day.

Nail trimming is $10, cash only, payable upon pickup of your dog.


  • Half Day (up to 4 hours) : $18 (includes HST)
  • Full Day : $30 (includes HST).

SAVE MONEY by purchasing  Half Day or Full Day Discount Package. They are available for pre-purchase in packages of 10, 15 or 20 visits, and valid for a full year.

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