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Want to learn more about dogs? You will get to learn more about dogs from our experts and ask questions!

Seminars are for humans only. Please leave your dog at home for seminars.

Dealing with your reactive dog

This seminar is a pre-requisite for Reactive Rover I group class. If you are purchasing the group class, the cost of the seminar is included in the full course fee. Click here to register for the Reactive Rover I seminar and group class. The first class of your course will be the seminar.

If you are taking the seminar only, click here. We will deduct the cost of the seminar from the Reactive Rover I full course fee if you decide to take the group class later.

Do you have a dog that goes nuts when he sees another dog? Do you find yourself embarrassed or constantly apologizing for your dog’s behaviour? Are you considering no longer walking your dog because the effort is herculean and you just do not know how to manage the walk anymore? Is one of your biggest fears meeting an off-leash dog while you are out walking your dog? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

At the Ottawa Canine School, we specialize in reactive dogs. We have designed this seminar to be at once a pre-requisite for the Reactive Rover class but also as a means to share with you what we have learned over the years. Seminars, workshops, books, research articles and conferences, have taught us a lot, but so have our own dogs and our clients’ dogs.

You will learn what is reactivity, how to manage reactivity, how to modify reactive behaviours, how to read your dog’s body language and more so that you can start helping your dog today!

Seminar Length: 1.5 hour

Price: $50 + HST for the entire household

Separation anxiety

Do you have a velcro dog? Do you suspect that your dog has separation anxiety? Does your dog whine, bark, urinate, or defecate when you are away from home? Do you have to clean-up after your dog when you return home?

Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety are really suffering. Imagine the panic a dog must be feeling to eat through the wall, door frame, or even break their teeth trying to get out of the crate.

The owner of a dog with separation anxiety is also suffering. They often feel trapped in their home and do not have the freedom to just step out to do groceries, go for a bike ride, let alone leave for a full day of work! Imagine how challenging it can be to accept a simple invitation out for coffee if you can’t leave your dog alone at home.

If you’re looking for help with your dog, we can help. You must know that it will probably cost less than you think. It will “cost you” time and patience but the results can be so rewarding. We will share winning strategies and best practices with dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

Seminar Length: 1.5 hour

Price: $50 + HST for the entire household

Please visit our Seminars & Workshops Policy

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