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Reactive Rover I

Pre-requisite: If your dog has bitten another dog or person and drawn blood, then Reactive Rover is not the class for you, private lessons are.

For safety reasons, children in attendance must be at least 14 years old.

Age Requirements: At least 6 months old

Course Length: 7 consecutive weeks – the first week is the seminar without your dog (1.5 hour; compulsory)* and the second week is when the group lesson with your dog begins (6 lessons; 1 hour each lesson)

*The seminar is also open to households who are not taking the course. Click here for more information.

Price: $300 + HST for 1 seminar and 6 lessons. If you register for the course, you do not have to register for the seminar separately because your first class is the seminar.

Max. Class Size: 6 dogs. There will be 2-3 instructors to ensure a safe and positive experience for all.

Vaccination Requirements: Up-to-date in required vaccines (titer test results accepted).

You will learn what to do in day-to-day situations to help your reactive dog. Your dog will learn that he or she has control over his or her environment and that is a beautiful thing! When that switch happens, your dog realizes he or she has other choices that pay much better than barking, lunging, growling, whining, charging or (insert undesirable behaviour here).

You will have experts coaching you through the exercises and guiding you along each step of the way. Your dog’s emotional reaction to the trigger is addressed and you will learn exactly what to do to help your dog change that reaction. Unwanted behaviours will be replaced with new, more appropriate and desirable behaviours.

What to bring to class:

  • Plenty of small training treats that your dog loves. You must bring A+ treats (e.g., real meat and cheese) – please do not skimp!
  • A regular 6-foot leash (non-retractable).
  • A dog training food reward pouch, bag, or holder so that you can retrieve your food reward easily.
  • A martingale collar and harness, or a martingale collar and head collar, or a harness and head collar. Your dog must wear two walking equipment.
  • Indoor shoes (for the humans) if it is wet or mucky out.

Please visit our Group Class Policy

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