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Reactive Rover

Reactive is not a bad word and is not a synonym of aggressive. Reactive dogs are AMAZING… it’s just some of their behaviours that are not so awesome.

Reactive Rover is for dogs that display unwanted behaviours towards other dogs and people such as lunging, barking, growling, squealing, jumping, whining, and pulling on the leash. This behaviour may be based in fear, frustration, and/or excitement.

Reactive Rover I

Reactive Rover Plus

Reactive Rover II

Your dog will learn how to tolerate other dogs and people using the latest science-based, humane, and effective methods. You will learn how to navigate the day-to-day confidently so that you and your dog can enjoy life, stress-free!

Bonus: Participating in our Reactive Rover program gives you access to our exclusive Reactive Rover Facebook Group for continued support!

We aim to retrain the emotional reaction to the trigger and teach the dog that he or she has other options. Our training is force-free, utilizing methods that are supported by the science of animal behaviour, emotion, and cognition.


“I learned so many things. All helped me to finally relax and enjoy while walking Jaxson. I can now think of ways to get out of trouble before it happens and I feel more comfortable. Very nice ladies, patient and explained in a language I could easily understand. Thank You from Jaxson and I for creating this beautiful harmony when walking. Jaxson is less stressed, he feels more at ease every day and I feel more relaxed as well. I now have good tools and will definitely practice.”

“Excellent mix of practical tips and class exercises which now allow me to use a variety of skills to prevent reactivity. Angie was absolutely fantastic. Very knowledgeable and able to apply different objectives based on each dogs needs.” – Jessica

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