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Puppy Kindergarten III / 22-30 weeks old

Pre-requisites: Your puppy must have graduated from a Puppy Kindergarten program (any location). Proof of class completion is required.

Age Requirements: Your puppy must be between 22 and 30 weeks old on their first day of Puppy Kindergarten III. Puppies over 34 weeks cannot participate in this class.

Course Length: 4 lessons (4 consecutive weeks; 1 hour each lesson)

Price: $100 + HST

Max. Class Size: 6 dogs

Vaccination Requirements: Your puppy must have had a second round of distemper combination vaccines and rabies vaccine, administered at least 7 days before your puppy’s first class. The class assistant will verify the vaccination record in the first class.

Puppy Kindergarten III focuses on increasing your puppy’s confidence through relationship building games.

Dog sports and brain games introduced in Puppy Kindergarten III include tricks, agility, Puppy Manners 3, and more. Discover your dog’s hidden talent! All activities are adjusted for puppies so they are safe and positive. Our Puppy Kindergarten III program includes short off-leash playtime to allow your puppy to further develop his or her social skills. Go home with a tired, happy, and well-rounded puppy!

What to bring:

  • Proof of vaccination
  • Plenty of small training treats that your puppy loves
  • A regular 6-foot leash (non-retractable)
  • A dog training food reward pouch, bag, or holder so that you can retrieve your food reward easily
  • A regular collar or harness
  • Indoor shoes (for the humans) if it is wet or mucky out

Please visit our Group Class Policy

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