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Private Consultations Questionnaire

Please fill out the form below to request a private consultation. This will give us all the information we need to find you the best trainer possible for your case.

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Why You Want Private Training

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Describe the problem behaviours (required)

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Your Dog's Routine

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List any training classes your dog has attended, including approximate date and location

Private Training Services

We offer two types of private training services. Please ensure you select the correct service(s) by reading the descriptions on our Private Training pages (required).

Customized training at homeCustomized training at the school (weekdays before 6.00pm only)Doggy Homeschool

Your Availability - select all that apply (required)

Mondays - 10am to 2pmMondays - 2pm to 5.30pmMondays - After 5.30pmTuesdays - 10am to 2pmTuesdays - 2pm to 5.30pmTuesdays - After 5.30pmWednesdays - 10am to 2pmWednesdays - 2pm to 5.30pmWednesdays - After 5.30pmThursdays - 10am to 2pmThursdays - 2pm to 5.30pmThursdays - After 5.30pmFridays - 10am to 2pmFridays - 2pm to 5.30pmFridays - After 5.30pmSaturdays - 10am to 2pmSaturdays - 2pm to 5.30pmSaturdays - After 5.30pmSundays - 10am to 2pmSundays - 2pm to 5.30pmSundays - After 5.30pm

Please let us know if you have any preferences for scheduling

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