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Private Consultations Policy

Please read the Ottawa Canine School’s following policies carefully so there are no surprises! These policies were put into place so that we can offer all of our beloved clients the best possible service and attention they deserve.

By hitting “Send” in the Private Consultations Questionnaire, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

Trainer selection

Although we try our best to select the trainer of your choice, this may not always be possible. Trainer selection is based on a number of factors including the trainer’s availability and experience. We will try our best to find the best trainer for your case.


Once a trainer is found, you will be sent an invoice for the first session. Because of the high demand for private training, we require the invoice to be paid within 2 days. If the invoice remains unpaid after 2 days and you express an interest to go ahead with training, you will be placed on the waiting list until a trainer becomes available once again.

Payment methods:

  • You can pay online using your credit card or via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account).
  • You can send an Email Money Transfer to info@ottawak9school.com (use OCS2019 as the password).
  • You can pay in-person or over the phone during store hours using your credit card, cheque and cash.

Please contact privatetraining@ottawak9school.com if you foresee a delay with payment. Once the invoice is paid, we will confirm receipt of payment and forward your request to the assigned trainer. Your trainer will then contact you to schedule your appointment (time, date, and location).

Private training package expiry

Private training packages are good for 6 months. This means that from your first to your last session, no more than 6 months will have passed. This is a generous time frame and more than enough time for you to complete the training you have purchased. After the 6 months, your prepaid private sessions will no longer be valid.

There is no refund for private training packages.


We are dedicated to maintaining quality and timely private training services. For that reason, cancellations with less than 5 business days notice from your appointment date will not be eligible for a refund. There is a $20 administration fee to process all refunds.

Special circumstances for cancellation with less than 5 business days notice or 24-hour after the appointment date:

  • If your dog can no longer attend the session due to health reasons, a note from your vet will be required for a refund.

Any request for a refund must be done within a 2-week time-frame. After two weeks, we will not honour the request and the amount will be converted into school credit. The amount refunded will be the private training fee minus the $20 administration fee and the cost per session that has already been taken.

School credit: School credit does not expire. You can use school credit to purchase any of our services and merchandise. If you would like to use your school credit for a purchase, please contact us to make adjustments to your invoice.


When you book and pay for a session, we are saving a session slot just for you. All appointments must be cancelled with 48-hour notice. Missed appointments or those cancelled with less than 48 hours will be charged a full session fee. If you need to reschedule your appointment, contact your trainer at least 48 hours and we will happily reschedule your appointment. Calls and emails to the school office will not be considered for cancellations.

Special circumstances for cancellation with less than 48 hours notice or 24-hour after the appointment date:

  • If your dog can no longer attend class due to health reasons, a note from your vet will be required for rescheduling.

Session cancellation due to weather

We train rain or shine, but sometimes the weather may affect how safe, productive and effective we can be. If the weather threatens to impede safety and training, your trainer will contact you to discuss and possibly reschedule. You will not lose a session due to these special circumstances.

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