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Total Recall

A reliable recall can prevent frustration, help you avoid embarrassment and can even be lifesaving.

Over the course of 5 lessons, you will be given the tools to master the RECALL. You will work with your dog in low to high distraction settings using a variety of the latest games and strategies to make coming when called fun and rewarding for your dog.

Who doesn’t love a dog that comes when called? This course will set you and your dog up for success!

Price: $150 + HST

Course Length: 5 lessons / 1 hour each

Max. Class Size: 7 dogs

Prerequisites: dogs 6 months and up who are comfortable working in a group with other dogs.

Are you tired of calling your dog and it either pretends not to hear you, dashes in the opposite direction, or worse, puts itself in harm’s way ?


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“Learned many, practical techniques. Alana is so patient and so knowledgeable! She gave us much confidence. We’ll be back with our puppy Manouche! ”  –Marguerite

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