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Specialty Courses

Looking for something new and fun?  Check out these new and exciting challenges for your dog!

Do As I Do

Ever wonder if your dog can imitate what it sees? Can your dog learn something by watching another dog or person perform the same action? Now you can teach your dog to be a COPY CAT.

The science of social learning is getting more recognition through scientific research and various publishing in the science and dog training world. There is a natural tendency for dogs to imitate us, since they are social creatures as we are. If you think about them digging in the back yard after you did some yard work, or attempting to unlatch the back gate. Usually we find these talents rather bothersome, so we suppress our dog’s initiative to imitate us, but what if we could harness this enthusiasm, and put it to good use by putting it on cue?

This class will teach you the basics of how to train your dog to imitate you using commands your dog already knows. From there, you will be able to tell them to DO IT! for new behaviours they’ve never learned before, all just by watching you! It is a great and fun addition to your usual training technique and will enable your dog to learn some very complex skills. Click here to see a video of some of the things dogs can do just by watching and copying

Price: $100 + tax

Course Length: 4 lessons / 1 hour each

Max. Class Size: 5 dogs

Prerequisites: This class is for social dogs that can focus on you while being off leash in our training hall. Dogs also need 3 skills or tricks such as: sit, down, stand, paw, bow, rollover, spin, backup – anything goes as long as you can do it too!

Clicker Training and Shaping

Ever wonder how Dolphins, birds, elephants or other large animals get trained to perform tricks or offer other behaviours ? How do movie animals or circus performers learn to perform all those tricks? How does one teach an elephant to voluntarily present its leg for a blood draw?

The art of clicker training and shaping is the scientific foundation to all of these performances. How can you use these skills to shape a dog’s behaviour? Shaping is a fun training skill to have in your toolbox that will give you and your dog hours of fun.

Want to teach your dog how to turn off the light or bring you the remote? This workshop will show you how to work towards teaching your dog all kinds of fun and exciting tricks. Alana Caflisch, CPDT-KA, will teach you the basics of clicker training technique and introduce shaping. You will be able to take this knowledge and have fun with it and your dog for hours to come.

Great for indoor exercise and mental workouts. Perfect for dogs of all ages and ability.

Price: $30 + tax

Course Length: 1 lessons / 1 hour each

Max. Class Size: 6 dogs

Prerequisites: Any dog can participate. Puppies and senior dogs welcome!

Nosey Dog Scent Detection

You do not need a lab or a bloodhound to do this class. EVERY dog can succeed. Canine Nose Work is a new dog sport that any dog can enjoy.

Most dogs have more than 220 million olfactory receptors (compared to humans who have about 5 million). Our canine companions are born to sniff. This class puts their special sense to use. All dogs are already equipped with the most important tool they need to succeed at canine nosework.

Thanks to their great sense of smell, dogs can be trained to detect a variety of odors. In this beginner's class, we teach the dogs to locate the special scent hidden in a box. No prior obedience necessary, as we use the dog's natural abilities to smell and hunt. It's fun, it keeps their mind active and it builds confidence. High energy dogs will love racing around the room to locate the scent as fast as possible and get their reward, but very young or old dogs, and less active dogs, will also be able to enjoy going at their own pace.

Price: $150 + tax

Course Length: 5 lessons / 1 hour each

Max. Class Size: 5 dogs

Prerequisites: Any dog can participate. Puppies and senior dogs welcome! All breeds, all sizes can excel at scent discrimination.

Rally Obedience

What is Rally-Obedience? Affectionately called Rally-O, it is part agility, part obedience, part race, and a whole lot of FUN. Just like in Agility, there is a course with 10-20 different stations. Your dog must do something at each station. Each canine-handler team starts with 100 points. Your goal is to keep those points.

This is a great way to continue practicing obedience with your dog, in a fun context.

Price: $150 + tax

Course Length: 6 lessons / 1 hour each

Max. Class Size: 5 dogs

Prerequisites: This class is for dogs 6 months and up who are in good physical health and have Basic Good Manners


Do you have an active dog that wants a ‘job’ to do? Would you like to get involved in canine activities, but think Agility or Flyball may be too loud, too fast or too physically demanding for you or your dog? Have you got an intelligent pup whose mind needs to be challenged? check out Treibball!

TREIBBALL is a great sport for herding dogs and dogs who love to chase! It is a great sport for all dogs who, if they could, would enjoy a playing pool or playing soccer! Treibball is a wonderful sport for dogs of all ages, including senior dogs of course.

Treibball is a dog and handler team sport invented in the early ’90’s. The dog must, under the handler’s direction, push several large balls towards and through a set of goalposts, where the handler is waiting. This involves following complex and precise cues, at a distance, all while off leash! It is a fabulous way to work on your dog’s focus and relationship with you, all while giving them something fun and new to learn. Here is a video of the finished product: Click here for a Treibball demo!

Price: $200 + tax

Course Length: 8 lessons / 1 hour each

Max. Class Size: 5 dogs

Prerequisites: This class is for dogs 6 months and up who are in good physical health and have Basic Good Manners.


Yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks; dogs of all ages love to learn!

This is a FAST, FUN, & INTERACTIVE class. You will be shown a variety of different training techniques for teaching your dog new behaviours.  Then, each week you will learn  new tricks to help you and your dog impress your friends: everything from the bow, sitting up, giving high fives, to jumping through hoops, playing dead and more!

For more tricks, also check out our Do As I Do course

Price: $90 + tax

Course Length: 4 lessons / 45 minutes each

Max. Class Size: 6 dogs

Prerequisites: This class is for dogs 6 months and up – your dog is never too old to learn!


Don’t forget to check out our Agility classes and special Obedience Classes for problems such as Leash Walking or Recall.



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