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Reactive Rover

Reactive is not a bad word and is not a synonym of aggressive.

The Reactive Rover class is for dogs that display unwanted behaviours towards other dogs. This behaviour may be based in fear or even in excitement.

Does your dog have “issues” with other dogs? Does he bark and lunge when he catches a glimpse of another canine out on a walk? Does the sight of some dogs raise your dog’s hackles? Do you wonder why your dog seems to be reactive mostly when on leash? Is your social dog so excited to greet and play with other pups that he turns into a squealing, whirling mess? Then Reactive Rover may very well be the class for you.

This class is designed to teach you the tools to be able to work towards teaching your dog to tolerate other dogs with the ultimate goal of being able to fully re-integrate your dog into the doggy community. This course is built with the latest, up-to-date, science-based, humane and effective methods, as are all of our courses.



In the LEVEL I class, we teach you management skills and show you what do you do in day-to-day situations. We also teach the dog that it has control over its environment and has other choices (other than barking, lunging, or charging for example). We then practice the skills, giving the dogs more challenges once they are ready.

Course Length: Seminar (1 1/2 hour)* + 6 lessons (1 hour each)

*The first class is the seminar (required) and is for handlers only. Please DO NOT bring your dog. Reserve 1.5 hours for this first class. The following group lessons will be 1 hour long.

Price: $250 + tax

Max. Class Size: 6 dogs.  There will be 2-3 instructors to ensure a safe and positive experience for all.

Equipment needed: martingale + gentle leader OR martingale + harness, 6 foot leash (NON retractable), highest value reinforcement (don’t skimp!)

For safety reasons, children in attendance must be at least 14 years old.

Please note: We will not be recommending corrections or physical punishment based training as we strongly believe that this will at best merely suppress the undesirable behaviour, and at worst cause your dog to escalate his behaviour.  If your dog has bitten another dog and drawn blood, then Reactive Rover is NOT the class for you, private lessons are. 



The LEVEL II class puts all the skills in a different setting. We work outdoors, we work with different dogs, we practice being “ambushed” by a dog – that’s when the dog appears out of nowhere and you have to react quickly! Of course, we always work with dogs UNDER threshold, as we do not want them to practice any unwanted behaviour.

Course Length: 6 lessons / 1 hour each

Price: $250 + tax

Max. Class Size: 6 dogs.  There will be 2-3 instructors to ensure a safe and positive experience for all.

For safety reasons, children in attendance must be at least 14 years old.



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