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Doggy Homeschool

Do you ever wish that one of our trainers could come to your home and train your dog for you without you present?

Investing in Doggy Homeschool could be the perfect solution!

Doggy Homeschool happens in your home while you are at work, school, etc.!

We love training – it’s what we specialized in! Doggy Homeschool is a customized, convenient and effective solution.

Doggy Homeschool will set your dog up for success and help you reach your training goals much faster. Your dog will learn from an experienced professional trainer. It is a better alternative to board and train programs because your dog is learning in the comfort of his or her own home.

How much does Doggy Homeschool cost?

To book an appointment for Doggy Homeschool, you will be first asked to purchase a 90-minute consultation ($100 + HST). During the consultation, you will receive practical advice and management solutions you can implement right away. We will discuss your training goals and help you choose the right training package.

Your trainer will customize a plan that will help you reach your training goals. Then, your trainer gets to work! You will receive updates at the end of each session to help maintain what your dog has learned. And, let’s face it, learning to maintain your dog’s skills is far easier than training from the ground up!

At the end of the program, you’ll be invited to attend a transfer session. Your trainer will show you the skills your dog now knows so that you can continue practising these skills.

Packages start at $275 + HST. That includes five (5) half-hour homeschooling and a 60-minute transfer session. We also offer private dog walks (30- to 60- minute) for an additional fee. Your trainer will walk your dog after the training session.

Additional travel fee per visit:

  • Zone A (up to 15 km): FREE
  • Zone B (up to 25 km): $22.50 + HST
  • Zone C (up to 35 km): $35.00 + HST
  • Zone D (up to 45 km): $50.00 + HST

We calculate the travel fee based on the average distance between the Ottawa Canine School and your location. Travel fee will be waived if the trainer you are matched with lives in your neck of the woods (15 km or less from your location).

Let us lighten your load!

Read our Private Consultations Policy

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