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Customized Training

The Ottawa Canine School offers customized training. Our trainers will coach you on how you can train your own dog. Let us customize a training plan relevant to your dog’s needs.

Customized training can help with:

  • barking
  • jumping on guests
  • housetraining
  • pulling
  • lunging
  • and many other behaviours

We specialize in separation anxiety, resource guarding and reactivity.

Where does customized training happen?

  • In-home. Our trainers will work in your dog’s environment. A travel fee may apply – please see rate card below.
  • At our school on weekdays (daytime before 5.30pm only). Sessions will be done at our training facility.
  • Anywhere convenient! Sessions can be done at a park, on the trails, or on a downtown sidewalk.

How much does customized training cost?

In-home sessions:

  • 1-3 hour: $100/hr + HST
  • 4-6 hour discount rate: $95/hr + HST*
  • 7-9 hour discount rate: $90/hr + HST*
  • 10+ hour discount rate: $85/hr + HST*

*Discount only applies when purchasing the hours up front.

At our school on weekdays (daytime only):

  • Per hour: $80/hr + HST

Additional travel fee per visit for in-home sessions:

We calculate the travel fee based on the average distance between the Ottawa Canine School and your location. Travel fee will be waived if the trainer you are matched with lives in your neck of the woods (15 km or less from your location).

  • Zone A (up to 15 km): FREE
  • Zone B (up to 25 km): $22.50 + HST
  • Zone C (up to 35 km): $35.00 + HST
  • Zone D (up to 45 km): $50.00 + HST

Ready to get started?

Please complete our Private Client Questionnaire to submit a customized training request.

Read our Private Training Policy