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Become a Trainer

Become a Dog Trainer

You are interested in becoming a successful Pet Dog Trainer or simply want to deepen your knowledge about dogs? Have a dog related business already and want to further your education? You are in the right place.

This is a 4 part program, a step-by-step blueprint to becoming a dog trainer. Parts I & II are done ONLINE. You will be individually coached and guided through all of your hands-on assignments. You will have daily email access to Chantal, head trainer and creator of this course. You will also be part of a secret Facebook Group, which will become your virtual classroom and another space to ask questions and interact with  your classmates. Chantal will do a weekly LIVE video to make sure all questions are answered.

Take the training at your own pace, all while having all the guidance and support you need along the way. 

The Ottawa Canine School is proud to offer its professional dog training course, which is not only based on years of experience with dogs, but also continuously updated with the latest, science-based information. Chantal (owner and head trainer) attends workshops and seminars regularly as well as attends a yearly conference.

The Professional Dog Trainer Certification Program offers the latest, science-based information available.

During this course, you will:

  • DEVELOP your “trainer’s eye” and “trainer’s gut instinct”
  • ANALYZE videos, observe dogs interacting, study canine communication in depth
  • READ a dog like a pro
  • READ a variety of books that will be discussed in class
  • BECOME comfortable teaching a group class and deal with the unexpected
  • SEE yourself teaching (VIDEO FEEDBACK speaks volumes)
  • PARTICIPATE in a variety of classes at no extra cost to you


Program Details

This is a part-time program.  Please email Chantal at ottawak9school@yahoo.ca to inquire about the upcoming program time and dates.

Parts I & II

WINTER Session: Starts end of February, 2018

Fall Session: starts SEPTEMBER, 2018

Topics Addressed:

  • Canine Communication / Ethology / Body Language
  • How dogs learn
  • History of training methods / most recent training methods (NEW IN LAST 5 YEARS)
  • Puppy Development / Puppy Classes / Puppy Socialization
  • Training Equipment pros & cons
  • Different Breeds & their needs
  • Canine Health & Nutrition / Vaccines / Health issues: viruses, diseases, disorders
  • Canine First Aid

Course Length: Approx. 12 weeks

Cost*: $1600 + HST / a $250 non refundable deposit is required to hold your spot

* includes a spot in classes offered at the Ottawa Canine School

Students must successfully complete Parts I & II to continue on to Parts III & IV

Parts III & IV

WINTER Session: Starts SUNDAY February 4th, 2018 * graduation in May

Fall Session: starts SEPTEMBER  2018  *graduation in December

Topics Addressed:

Common Behavioural Problems: barking, potty training, separation anxiety, reactivity, aggression
How to PREVENT problems / How to SOLVE problems
How to structure a group lesson
Public teaching skills / How to work with families
Coaching people with different learning styles / Different teaching styles
Assisting a class / Leading your own class
How to do an Assessment in person
How to do a Consultation over the phone
How to design a Customized Training Plan
Mistakes to avoid when starting your own business
Course Length: Approx. 13 weeks

Cost*: $1600 + HST / a $250 non refundable deposit is required to hold your spot

* includes a spot in classes offered at the Ottawa Canine School

... and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Requirements for Certification

This program demands a full commitment from its students. Regular and punctual attendance is expected. Absences and late arrivals may cause you to put your certification at risk. Make sure you are able to commit to such a program before taking it on.

To receive your Professional Dog Trainer Certification, you must:

  • Read the required reading (list provided at registration)
  • Minimum of 100 hours at home (5 hours a week) spent on researching, studying, reading and training on top of the 5 hours a week in class.
  • Minimum of 100 hours spent observing, assisting and teaching classes.
  • Have regular AND punctual attendance
  • Participate with your dog, at no additional charge, in the Ottawa Canine School’s Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience and Agility classes
  • Obtain at least 75% on the written evaluations, which include Questionnaires on required reading, Written evaluations, Development of a Training Plan and a Final Exam.
  • Obtain at least 90% on the practical exam which evaluates the training achieved with your dog (basic and intermediate obedience)
  • Obtain at least 75% on the practical exam which evaluates your group teaching skills

Do I need a dog to take this program?  Yes.  A dog is required to participate in the program, since it is necessary for you to develop your handling and training skills.  Ideally, this will be a dog you live with so that you can practice the skills & techniques at home on your own time.  However, some participants have succeeded by 'borrowing' a family/friend's dog and committing to make the time to work with that dog in their own time.

Can I work while participating in the program? Yes.  The program generally runs on Tuesday evenings and Sundays during the day.  As long as you are present for these sessions, there is no conflict.



Arrange for a Meet & Greet with head trainer Chantal to discuss your goals and the program details.  Fill out this short questionnaire to make no-obligation appointment to see if this program is the right fit for you.

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About the Head Trainer

The certification is done with Chantal Mills, owner of the Ottawa Canine School and head trainer. Chantal started dog training well over a decade ago, while she was a teacher and guidance counselor at a local High School. She started with private in-home sessions, then group classes and eventually opened her own training centre. Though she started off as a more traditional trainer, she is now very proud to be now dedicated to humane, force-free, positive training.

Chantal has earned the CPDT-KA accreditation. Chantal is a member of the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) as well as a proud member of the PPG (Pet Professional Guild). She regularly attends conferences, webinars and seminars and is intent on keeping up with the very latest in the science of dog training.

Chantal is a qualified teacher and has over 18 years of teaching under her belt. The ability to not only teach but engage your students is crucial to dog training. You must first get your message across to the human at the end of the leash. Dog training is not only working with dogs… it is, for the most part, teaching PEOPLE to work with their dog. Chantal will generously share with you her tricks of the trade to help you become a better dog (people) trainer.

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