At the Ottawa Canine School, class instruction is offered in small group settings. The team of trainers is always keeping up with the latest dog related information. You can rest assured that we use the latest, best, science-based methods available. Gone are the days of using coercion and intimidation to get dogs to comply. Private consultations may also be arranged at our facility, or in the comfort of your home.

Doggy Daycare

Drop your dog off for a day of fun and play. Mon, Wed, Thurs, Friday 7am - 5:30pm

Group Classes

From Puppy Kindergarten and Obedience to Sports and Outdoor Classes, we've got something for everyone

Trainer Certification

Want to become a trainer? We're able to help that dream come true.

Summer Camp

A safe place for both kids and dogs to spend the hot months having fun and learning new skills.

The Ottawa Canine School Dog Blog

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What Does a “Force-Free” Trainer Do Anyway?

Posted By Admin

Don’t get the wrong idea! I’m a firm believer in humane and respectful training. You won’t see me giving the leash a good “pop” to get a dog’s attention, nor will you hear me tell folks that they should be the dominant one in their relationship with their dog. I used to do and say […]

Apr 27,2016No Comments
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What Every Pet Owner Needs To Know About Dog Trainers

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Here’s a great little list entitled ‘What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About Dog Trainers‘ I really like #10 – “Just because dog training is an unregulated industry doesn’t mean that some of us are not preparing ourselves and learning to train as though it was”. That is definitely our approach at the Ottawa […]

Feb 11,2016No Comments
Westie Round Up!

Stop, look and listen!

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Sharing a blog post that I found most interesting. What if your dog runs out into traffic?

Jan 19,2016No Comments